April 18, 2012

Are Chiropractors Heading for Extinction?

chiropractic billing softwareWhat a question!  Chiropractic is more vital to the overall health picture in America than it has ever been.  Helping the human body overcome pain and disease through proper alignment, posture, nutrition, muscular regeneration, increased mobility and flexibility, basically the core values of Chiropractic, has taken its place at the front of the line for effective, non-invasive, drug free health care.  Yet there is a cloud on that horizon and it is called billing and compliance, and it threatens to make the profession of Chiropractic anything but appealing.  We are on the verge of longer codes, more of them, and bigger headaches for the average Chiropractic office, but thankfully, you are not average.  You know that software designed by Chiropractors, Compliance Experts and Insurance Auditors, with integrated patient intake, care planning and follow up, is exactly the headache remedy you need.  That kind of software would make it possible to be a better, more attentive Chiropractor, and that kind of software comes from only one place.  PayDC – reminding you why you love Chiropractic.

April 16, 2012

Armed to the Teeth

complianceThe winds of change are blowing and it looks like we are in for tumult.  The coding changes that are headed for the Chiropractic profession are set to land in October, 2014 and the impact on all of our practices will be sizeable.  The changes from ICD-9 to ICD-10 are detailed and arduous, expected to require 54,000 more codes than you’re using now.  We are happy to say that we have looked the changes squarely in the face and we are ready.  Your PayDC Software will have you updated and able to continue treating your patients without a glitch.  We have glimpsed the future and diffused its power, so fear not, PayDC has you covered.

April 12, 2012

Convention News

Pay DCDr. Roger Saias, practicing Chiropractor and PayDC Software expert will be attending the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors Spring Convention, scheduled for April 21st and 22nd at the Parsippany Sheraton Hotel.  He is especially excited to attend this year because his practice has changed since the last conference, and the changes have made a huge difference.  Roger Saias has added fully integrated PayDC Software to his practice, literally streamlining the process of client intake, treatment documentation, billing, compliance, SOAP Notes – basically everything related to the crucial administrative side of Chiropractic.  Roger has become an expert at why the PayDC method works, and why it is the only Billing and Compliance Software truly meeting the need of today’s Chiropractic Practice.  If you are looking for a way to take your practice from functional to phenomenal Dr. Saias would enjoy meeting you face to face.  Drop him a tweet or a text and he’ll find a way to connect.  See you at the convention!

April 6, 2012

Software with a Mission

The Care Plan Wizard developed by PayDC is the the only financially-functional documentation Care Plan available today.  The goal is to increase efficiency by keeping diagnosis codes at your fingertips, allowing you to complete your administrative work quickly, without fear of letting anything slip, including your collections.  Compliance, diagnostic coding, insurance audits become a burden that can slow a practice down and force billing and collection to a back burner.  The PayDC Care Plan Wizard streamlines your input of information and links it to all relevant documentation, making your life less about paperwork and more about the work of helping your patients.  There is nothing as powerful or important to making your practice profitable – sold by people who understand Chiropractic medicine because we are Chiropractors ourselves.

April 3, 2012

Tahiti Can Wait

Français : Photo plage de sable noir à Tahiti.

Français : Photo plage de sable noir à Tahiti. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seriously, the push to go “paperless” is a good one, but when you’re trying to run your practice and generally the world, going from the wall of manila folders to which you and your staff are accustomed, to a clean, electronic, non-paper system can seem daunting, but not impossible.  PayDC has a solution that will not only make you a relatively paperless office, but will increase your efficiency, cut down on your note and compliance time, and give you the freedom to be a Chiropractor.  Dr. Roger Saias, a Chiropractor and PayDC Software expert says that working with the Soap Notes, the Patient Portal and the Treatment Wizard have literally changed his practice, made it better, allowed him to do what he was meant to do all along, with the assurance that PayDC will help him maintain compliance and treat his patients without anything falling through the cracks.  There is a way to relieve some of your stress without running away to Tahiti.  Put away the travel brochures and make a good business decision that will make your practice a place you want to be.

March 30, 2012

SOAP Floats

complianceSometimes a relatively small adjustment can make a world of difference in your day.  Suppose your SOAP Notes on a particular patient could be integrated with your prescribed Treatment Plan for that same patient, that was linked to the exam notes, and re-examination notes for that patient, which were interactive with your billing and insurance records which were all the time connected to your SOAP Notes.  Sounds like a pretty brilliant way to make sure that nothing you do falls through the cracks and that all of it comes together to meet the billing and compliance requirements that the Chiropractic industry demands.  What we’re describing is a just a portion of the PayDC software package, and it is exactly what it sounds like – brilliant.  It will change your practice, make it what it was meant to be, and then it will change your life.

March 28, 2012

Cupcakes for Sale

Chocolate cupcakes with sugar hearts and nonpa...

Chocolate cupcakes with sugar hearts and nonpareils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In any business, regardless of the product or service, there is one truth that is unavoidable.  If the same person who sells the cupcakes, also designs the cupcakes, buys the ingredients for the cupcakes, bakes the cupcakes, frosts the cupcakes, delivers the cupcakes, and bills for the cupcakes, and keeps track of everything in a three ring binder full of college ruled paper, the cupcake business is doomed to remain small if its doors stay open at all.  In the field of medicine, specifically Chiropractic Medicine, doing the initial intake of a patient, planning treatment, actually treating him, following up on the results, rescheduling treatment, billing the patient and his insurance company, and trying to stay within the ever changing lines of compliance without the expertise of software designed for just such an enterprise is the fastest way we know of to bring your practice to a screeching halt.  PayDC software is made to put you in the treatment room with your patient, knowing that the cupcake supplies will be purchased without your involvement, and when they are baked and billed they will fall right in line with all of the health code standards of the day.  PayDC is simply smart business for the smart Chiropractor.  You fall into that category.

March 26, 2012

No Stone Left Unturned

Patient Portal Login

Patient Portal Login (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A fully functional, all inclusive plan to make your Chiropractic practice run the way it should has to cover every aspect of your patient care and business needs.  We have SOAP notes, Care Plan Wizard, Care Summaries, Patient Portal, Payment Planner, Insurance Estimator, and the list continues.  Billing and Compliance are complex issues in the Chiropractic world, and our fully integrated features make it all happen quickly, without letting anything slip through the cracks, so that you can be a Chiropractor.  Everything working as it should so that you can do the work you should do – PayDC brings it all together.

Better for your patients, better for you.

March 22, 2012

Make it Pay


Chiropractic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just when you think you have it all figured out something changes to muddy the waters.  Compliance in the industry of health and specifically, the practice of Chiropractic, can literally occupy a large percentage of every day that should be spent treating your patients with the passion you were meant to have.  PayDC has seen too many practices get bogged down in the strain of keeping all the “ts” crossed, rather than focusing on the medicine that is in your heart to do.  At PayDC we have a passion of our own, and you are the beneficiary.  Our software, combined with our knowledge of what makes a Chiropractic practice sing is exactly what you need to increase your time spent treating patients and reduce your time keeping track of what you’ve done.  The ideal work place allows its people to do what they were meant to do, giving them the tools to do their best.  PayDC is ready to partner with you to get all the slots filled-in properly so that you can get back to your genius work.

March 20, 2012

Good Enough to Eat

compliance softwareWhy can we guarantee you that the billing and compliance software you buy from PayDC will meet your business and patient care needs by completely streamlining your procedures, your patient care planning, your insurance billing?  Because our product was not only developed by Chiropractors, Insurance Auditors and Compliance Experts, but the people who sell it, actually use it themselves.  It’s true!  Our sales and marketing expert, Roger Saias is also a practicing Chiropractor, so he knows it works because he uses it.  He has proven through personal experience that the PayDC product is everything it claims to be and then some.  When you go to a restaurant one of the things you want to know is if the staff eats there.  Well, we do, and we love it.  You will too!

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